Monday, January 25, 2010

Check with me in March. Feburary is fully booked already..

Let the good time roll! 2010 is off to a great start and with a full calendar of amazing events how could one not smile knowing what's in store for the next month. This weekend is the Icycle bike race/throwdown party and then Monotonix later that night. photo cred to suckapants.

Next weekend is party at the Bennett's celebrating my good friend hitting the big 4O and more good music in Asheville. Hopefully the trails will dry out and some good riding can take place on Sunday so I can loosen up the legs and feel ready for the Heartbreaker.

Hell yea, it's the one and only Heartbreaker coming your way. I have a kickass band coming together for the after party but I will keep our musical entertainment hush hush till all the details are wrapped up. I rode the trail last week with Jeff Z and it was in great shape (till I hit snow 2/3rds of the way up). Up to that point the trail was dry, fast with no blow down. If you want to ride Heartbreak in the next few days you might want to consider the ole' out n' back otherwise you might be dealing with this. If you heed my advice and ride it out and back and you get to enjoy scenes like this.

The next weekend will feature either a trip to Bike Love or a winter surfing trip to Folly Beach. Can't really go wrong either way, Bike Love has been a such a wonderful time for the last two years and I hate to even think about missing it (although I can't usually remember them either but that's another story). However, a free trip to Charleston and reports of head high glassy winter waves would be the only thing that may tempt me away from the world class good times that are associated with my favorite AOB throw down of the year.

The next weekend is the Clemson DH race. This race is SICK. Bring the flow and let go of the brakes. It was my first real experience in gravity last year and I am looking forward to hitting this one again with less braking.

I feel very fortunate to live in an area where there are bike events every weekend in February. While it would be nice to be riding the pow pow with my friends out west I am thankful that I will be busting berms and shredding sweet single track over the next few weeks in preparation for the rest of the season.

As for other matters in the life of Jut.. Business is picking up, my green home newsletter is in the works, and I have been working on another blog that that focuses on my passion that pays the bills. The phone is starting to ring with calls for new listing opportunities and buyers looking to make a move in 2010. Funny how when you put it out there and do the work necessary stuff starts happening (duh). If you want to know more about what's happening on the Green Scene here in Asheville (I am referring to homes) send me an email with your contact information and I will add you to the email or snail mail list and keep you in the loop on green home news and sales information. Or if you want to talk about Real Estate in general give me a call. In an attempt to be cool I am not sure if I have ever shared the extent of my real estate background on this blog since I try to keep it focused on bikes and good times. But just so you know I have over 300 Real Estate Transactions under my belt over the last 10 years and if handling a Real Estate transaction where anything like riding a bike I might be able to keep up with this guy.
That's it for now. Work, ride, repeat..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let's break some hearts..

It's that time of year again. It's cold as hell, my bikes have been collecting dust and the idea of riding my rollers tempts me more and more each day. I have yet to break them out but the need to sweat out the good times from the Those Darlins show on Thursday may the final straw. I am not sweating it though. I literally rode my ass off over the last two years and I know that with warmer temps coming I will be back out there again soon enough. However, there are two events in the near future that will require some level of fitness and focus on a bicycle.

The Icycle is in a few weeks. I have been to this party / race for the past two years and it is by far the most fun race of the year that I don't put on. It has the proper ratio of bike racing to good times that I look for in a race / competition these days. This year I will just be racing the DH and skip the morning XC race. I have plans to race suspension class this year as well as the Hardass class now that I have a squishy bike. I am the reigning Hardass winner, and took 2nd in 2008 so I once again have my eyes on that prize. We will see how the suspension class goes which to be already seems like an exercise in your ability to comfortably drift in the turns and maneuver the final tight right near the finish. I will unfortantaly miss out on the Icycle after party as Monotonix are playing the Rocket Club in Asheville. I saw Monotonix in 08 at the New French Bar and have been looking for another fix of unadulterated rock n rock ever since.

Next on the list is the Heartbreaker. This one happens on Valentines Day and is a Super Super D race. Taking place on one of the premier descents in the area, Heartbreak Ridge is one of the trails that sold me on Asheville a long time ago. Last year we had a three way tie for first thanks to some shotty scoring. This year we will have a new time keeper and will be able to declare an official Heartbreaker. The party will continue at Pisgah Brewing post race and I hope to have a kick ass band there too. The event is free, the beer will be awesome and many of the people who attended last year felt it was one of the best races they had been too. I must admit it was a fun one despite the 5 mile climb required to participate. This race will test you and if it doesn't warm up soon will provide an incredible opportunity to test out those snow tires you have been saving for just such an occasion.

So far 2010 is off to a great start. I've been laying low on the party scene, staying productive and feeling very optimistic about the year ahead. Yes, I'am moving on and it's all good. Wishing everyone out there all the best in the year ahead.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jut Rut is dead, love live Jut Rut.

Warning: Serious Post.

The two year vacation is over. I have lived the dream to the point where I am ready to wake up from it. A lot has become clear over the last two months and I have learned a lot about myself and where the ride I've been on takes you in the end.

I've been at this crossroad before. In 1998, I pushed the envelop to this point. After months of surfing in Costa Rica, snowboarding in CO, then riding the summer out on Folly Beach I was hungry to have responsibilities and feel productive. 1997-1999 were good times indeed and I remember them with a smile on my face but I knew when I was done. The later part of 2009 made it all to clear that it's time for a change once again.

With a new year comes new opportunities. I think I'll take advantage of them and remind myself that before moving to Asheville I had a lot to be proud of that didn't involve riding bikes and throwing down.

I know I had some stuff to process and hundreds of miles of great trails to get to know. I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of both now and it's time to grow in other ways. Does this mean it's back to business for Jut Rut, yes. Does Jut Rut know how to mix business with pleasure, well of course.

So more quality Brew Crew events will happen, dance parties will ensue and of course some level of documentation of rides and races will take place. But be forewarned you will see me in a collared shirt more often.

All the best to all my friends and family in the year ahead. I have a good feeling about this one..

Win in O'10!