Friday, December 19, 2008

Twas the day before the Holidaze...

I must confess I've been a little more naughty then nice lately. The holiday is in full swing as I can tell by the string of hangovers from holiday office parties and other xmas season related debauchery. Now that getting down with co-workers is behind me I can focus on the business of bikes and beer. As most of you are aware the Holidaze alleycat is tomorrow and come rain or shine we will be at Pritchard Park tomorrow at 1:00. Bring your cans of food and the items on the listed on last weeks blog post and be ready for further instructions and to ride pedal at least 10 miles around the city.

The race will end where Industry Nine wheels are born (21 Old County Home Road, Asheville NC 28806). So if you want to leave a car and ride to Pritchard Park you can save yourself the hassle of pedaling back downtown in the dark. If you will be joining us strictly for the post race party, show up at Industry Nine (look for the Open House Signs and ballons) around 4:00 and have a beer. The party should be happening at I9 till 7:30 then the kegs will move to another location (most likely the Crow's Nest).

We hope to see you tomorrow.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Holidaze is almost here..

The Holiday season is now upon us and Crow Nest Productions and the Pisgah Brew Crew are planning one hell of a good time. We are proud to announce the first annual Holidaze Alleycat - Scavenger Hunt. Well WTF is an alleycat scavenger hunt you ask, please allow me to explain.

We will converge on Pritchard Park at 1:00 on Saturday December 20th for an urban ride in which there will be a few mandatory checkpoints combined with a search for Asheville landmarks and other objectives, clues, and challenges along the route. If you take a shortest route possible you will ride approx. 7-9 miles so bring a bike or costume that can handle a few miles of pedaling.

The ride will most likely end at a location in West Asheville where food and various drinks will be served (more on this later if you want to drop a car). A keg or two of Pisgah Brewing’s finest will of course be in the house so get ready to party and dance into the night after riding your bike around the city for a few hours.

The ride is meant to be fun but speed and knowledge of downtown Asheville will certainly help and prizes will be awarded for fastest time and most points as well as other awards. The entry will cost you 5 cans of food that will be donated to a local charity.

What will you need to bring?

A bicycle and light.
A messenger bag or backpack.
Bike Lock
Pen and paper.
Digital Camera or camera phone.
A few bucks for drinks along the way.
A map of the city might help if you don’t know your way around very well.
A cell phone.
5 cans of food.

How it’ll work:
Meet at 1pm by yourself or with a team of 2 to 3 people and be given:
1. Set of clues to look for, either pictures, information, or objects
2. Clue to get to the first mandatory checkpoint.
First three to get to each mandatory and complete the task receive X points. Each objective will have a point value on it as well. At first mandatory checkpoint, follow instructions from volunteer. Pretty easy.. Show up, ride your bike and party.

Holiday Costumes encouraged.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Abundance and Bicycles

Thanksgiving weekend Asheville 08. You name it, I rode it, ate it or drank it. Bent Creek single track, dirt jumps, dual slalom, pump track, nighttime xc racing, urban assault, and girls on handle bars.
Word up to my Flint Street family for hosting the good times on Thursday and all my crew who brought feast and to a lovely lady who dropped off the good stuff. Nashville rock star J Massey and one of Missoula's finest, Jhen, were in Asheville so needless to say we rocked it out in between riding our bicycles for four days.
The first annual Gobbler race came and despite the weather and the hours of post race bike maintenance it will require, I had a blast. I opted out of the downhill due to not wanting to take all my bikes apart but I am sure people got muddy and crashed a lot. I had enough of it after the night time xc race and slept in on Sunday. Good venue, cool event, good people, bad weather, oh well, at least the weather couldn't be much worse next year.
Well, the house guest have left, the fridge is full of leftovers, and there is a half full keg of porter in my front yard. Thanksgiving just won't stop giving.