Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting Rad in the Fall

Damn it is a good time to be in Asheville. Fall colors are rockin' and the Maple in my front yard looks like it's on fire. I am finally feeling back to normal after a good week of rest. The Double Dare took a little out of me and it took a few days of r and r to feel like getting back to business. While I was resting I did manage to put together my halloween threads. I won't spill the beans to anyone just yet but I will say it's going to be rad. I had a good first viewing at Si and Becky's Halloween extravaganza. Good times, awesome people, jello shots, dance party and a live performance of The Thriller video, wow.

Another fun weekend awaits and I am looking forward to the Asheville on Bikes - Pumpkin Pedaller this Friday and afterparty at the Wedge. If the P.P. is anything like the good times at Bike Love it is going to be a very fun event.

A good ride on Sunday at Dupont allowed me to purify myself after two nights of beer and dance parties (Happy Birthday Beth, good party!) with a ride in Dupont. Short but sweet ride with Park and Beth. Great trails, beautiful day, vibrant colors and hot tub beers post ride, word.

If you're in Nashville reading this I hope someone will hit this one for me.

There will be an alleycat happening in Asheville this December sponsored by the Pisgah Brew Crew so keep ear to the scene. News will be coming in the next few weeks.

As for the Harvest De Ocho... Well it is sad to report that plans didn't really come together in time to pull of the stellar event we had in mind so.. the plan is to postpone this one till we can make it the level of event that I am proud to put my stamp on. Instead we are poaching other peoples events with some minor throw downs.

First you can find us outside of the Wedge Party on Friday night for a Halloween Hell Derby at 10:00ish p.m. Seems like there should be a few people on bikes in one place drinking beer so why not have a derby. Prizes will be given (good ones) and bikes will be broken (maybe). Come join in the carnage and good times.

Second you will find some of the crew kicking it in Pisgah this weekend with the SORBA folks. There will be a Pisgah Brew Crew night ride taking place so if your there look for me and we will hit the trails for a Day of the Dead - Downhill of Death Ride that should scare the crap out of you. The action begins at dark-thirty at Cove Creek Campground. You have to be a member of SORBA (you should be anyways) to join in this one and register on their site to camp out so sign up and I will see you there.

Finally, we have a good man down who could use a hand. My man Scott Hodge had an unfortuate accident recently and with no insurance the bills are starting take a toll. Scott lives a lifestyle of bicycles and helping others and if you have ever met him you know he is the kind of person that would always give you the shirt of his back. Having experienced the pain of a serious injury while being uninsured myself I encourage you to at least send him some love and if you got a few bucks to spare he could probably use it more than you or I. There is a place to make a donation here. Get well soon brother...

Keep your head in the clouds, your wheels on the ground and rip it up this weekend boys and girls.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Double Dare. Done...

Double Dare is done. Pisgah Bruce and I spent the last two days riding over a 100 miles of Pisgah singletrack and climbing over 20,000 ft in the course of 20 hours on single speeds. We didn't make the podium but defiantly made up for it in style points (see pics). Considering this was my first Eric Wever event and my longest two days of riding in Pisgah done back to back I must say we did pretty good overall. By the time the weekend came to a close we hit 14 checkpoints and got both the bonus 1/2 point challenges that involed three things that we trained for daily on out tipe out west, BB Guns, Slingshots, and drinking beer. We covered some ground and finished with 15 checkpoints total however it was not enough to take out the studs that pulled off 1st, way to go Brad and Matt.

For me, it's not so much about winning this race as it is just riding your bike for longer than you would normally and taking routes you would never consider on a normal day in the woods. The race takes you "out there" both literally and figuratively and during the 20 hours on the bike I got to see parts of Pisgah the I not seen in a long time that brought back great memories and parts that I had never seen before. The Fall colors were awesome and I got to see it all on a bicycle! I couldn't have asked for anything more and the keg of Pisgah Pale Ale was a wonderful prize for everyone that made it back to camp each day. A big thanks to my sponsor for the killer beer and a shout out to Pisgah Bruce who took me on as his partner in such an awesome event. He called out a big day two when I could have happily called it a day after the 20 mile / 5,000 ft climb just to get your passport and start the race. I defiantly found the next level of mountain bike racing and think I will be happy hanging out here for a while.

To get into any kind of race report seems like too much work for now. So, I will just say that Eric and his crew of volunteers know how to throw a killer event. And, that I had a great time at your party.


Friday, October 17, 2008

This one's for the little guy...

It's time for the Pisgah Brew Crew to step it up. Our sponsor has taken the number one spot in the "Best of Asheville" as the #1 Brewery in Asheville. This is the first time a brewery has beat out Highland Brewing Company for the top spot in years. Way to go guys, keep making the good stuff and I will keep drinking it. Go Organic!

In other news my company, EcoHouse, has been climbing the ranks as well. Our small boutique office has gone from 45th in production and market share to 15th in the course of one year. Not bad considering we have about 10 agents and we are going toe to toe with offices of 50 plus agents. So give it up for the little guy doing it the right way. Go green!

Speaking of the little guy doing something right, I want to welcome our newest sponsor S.EX or Suspension Experts as they are also known. Kevin and Phil will get your suspension set up and have it back to you with the quickness and you don't have to mess with sending it off and having it sit in a line of shocks at some manufactures headquarters. Also, it pays to have someone who will listen to you and set up a shock well suited for your riding style. Go big!

With so many good sponsors and hopefully one more good one to come the pressure is on for the Pisgah Brew Crew to climb our way to podiums across the country and prove once and for all that you can win the party and get on the podium the next day. As I have said before "you must live like a rock star if you want to ride like one". See you at the Double Dare, we have a keg of the best Pale Ale around and a few other tasty treats for the winners. Be ready to rock.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

rock n' fuckin roll

photo by sucka pants.

Double Dare training continues... saw these guys last night at a tiny club in Asheville. Woooh. If they come to your town, don't miss them. more pics of these guys live shows here.
It's nap time.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to the Basics

Getting back to basics here is Asheville. Mountain bike racing and the pursuit of a good time is what this blog is all about and that's exactly what I have been doing over the past week. I have been spending some time in Pisgah in preparation of the Double Dare. Although I have been riding the trails in Pisgah for almost 12 years now I must admit I am a little nervous about what I will encounter this weekend. Day one will bring up to 12 hours of suffering like I have never experienced then I have to get up on Sunday and be ready to start at 6:00 a.m. and do it all again. This will be my first experience with an Eric Wever event and he was cool enough to allow me to race this one having not done the PMBAR, I guess if you are holding the MBAMBW Title you can sometimes get around the rules. Plus, it's not like it's going to hurt the race promoter if I get in over my head, it will be me that will have to deal with the decision. I was feeling prepared both mentally and physically prior to the fun had at Thad and Hillary's wedding last weekend. The wedding was so much fun that as we were leaving and about to ride home on bikes I thought a freestyle maneuver was called for in the parking lot. Well, I now know it is not as easy as you might think to ride on to a car hood on a cyclocross bike. I looped out and came to a rest on the pavement rather quickly with my ribs crushing the can of redbull that was resting in my messenger bag. I don't think anything is broken but I know it's not right. The decision to race the single speed in up in the air and if things don't improve expect to see Jut racing a bike with gears for the first time in 5 years.

The decision to opt for gears and suspension instead of a single speed was only made more difficult after picking up the Maverick (not John McLame) from Suspension Experts last week. Kevin should be given a medal of honor for saving my bikes life and bringing the suspension back from the dead. The Maverick went into battle over the last few months and came out with PTSD and several broken bones. Kevin returned it to me in better shape than when I bought it. The boys over at S.EX know what they are doing and I have learned that a rigid bike is more fun than a suspension bike that doesn't work like it should so do yourself a favor and let Kevin and give your ride some love if your shock not up to par.

Other notes, if you didn't know the Black Keys kick ass! The boys rocked it out at the Orange Peel. They are the single-speed version of rock n' roll if I ever heard it. Just what you need and nothing more.

Speaking of single speeds and rock n roll... The Harvest De Ocho is on! It will be going down on the Day of the Dead, actually the night of the Dead, 11-1-08, in Pisgah Forest. This one's free so bring a bike, a bright light, a costume, and cup for beverages. Details to come soon.

One more thing before I go. As you may have noticed I am racing for a new beer team. Pisgah Brewing has deemed me worthy of sponsorship and will be keeping riders from going thirsty at all of our future events and at Double Dare this weekend. I want to first thank Yazoo Brewing Company for all the good times and good beer they have donated me and the crew over the last few years. We did what we intended to do and changed the Nashville Cycling Scene for good and I know the boys back in Nashville will keep the fire burning and the beer flowing (hey somebody throw an event in Nashville). However, since it is a long drive to have a pint of Yazoo I had to do something and Pisgah Brewing Company saw the vision and embraced it. Check out the new site and be sure not to plan anything for weekend of Nov 1-2, it's going to be good.

Keep it rocking,


Friday, October 3, 2008

So here you go. To wrap up the "Right Time, Right Place Tour" here are a few stats and a lot of photos.

Days on the road - 61
Days on the bike - 51
Miles of the road- approx. 13,100
Times we saw it rain - 2
Nights sleeping on the ground - 50
Hotels- 0
Paid for camping - 4
Showers taken - 14
Serpentine belts on the Subaru - 3
Oil change - 1
# of beers consumed - my liver doesn't want to know.
Dollar menu burgers - way too many.

Basically it was two of the best months of my life and I can't wait to do it again next year. Look out Durango, we're coming for ya in 09'.

Enjoy the pics.

Jut Rut

I live a hard life...