Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two Words..


Six months of planning and countless hours of work are coming to a close and rest assured that Jut Rut has topped himself.. The Enduro De Ocho was my introduction to the Asheville area and while it was a ton of fun it was not the event you would take home to your parents. Gearheads however, is one event that is all good times but still wears a button up shirt, is courteous and shows up on time. There are going to be some rad events taking place while killer deals take place ensuring that more people do more cool stuff. I myself will be looking for something with eight inches and if Gearheads makes a dime I will probably give in as a gift to myself for just breaking even.

It's only 4 Days till showtime. Get ready for something good. I can guarantee that you will not be able to say you didn't get your 5 bucks worth. Free massages, free contest such as bunny hop contest, dirt crit, kids mtn bike races and computrainers heats. Each of which if you win, you take home some gear of your choice. You can learn something useful from one of the many informative clinics or just get stoked as the best dirt jump builders and dirt jumpers in the area come together to throw down.

Yes, there are good deals and good times to be had. See you there.

Jut Rut

Friday, April 10, 2009

Party on..

I have been going back to my roots lately. BMX runs deep in my blood and as they say,every goes in circles. Guess I am on a 20 year cycle.. That means I will be taking things seriously in about 7 years. Damn it's nice to have some time off from button up shirts and to be focused on really important things like getting rad. All the pics above came from a short but sweet street ride on Wednesday that took place within a mile from my house. The Montford Gap, Flint Street yard drop, the rockin wall, and the Elementary Hip. I didn't have time to hit the Beverly Hanks Gap or the skatepark so I will just have to save that for another day. I was feeling burned out and Beth suggested I go ride and she would take some pics. Good job girl, the pics turned out pretty sweet for what can be done with four year old point and shoot camera. In other news.. The is going to be a throw down at Pisgah Brewing tonight..

The goods have arrived and the Brew Crew will be kicking it at Pisgah Brewing Company with Jerseys in hand. Come by for the Jersey Release Party, drink some beer and get a few bucks knocked of the price of the raddest jersey in WNC.
BIG THANKS to our sponsors, Pisgah Brewing, your beer rocks. Industry Nine, your wheels rock and roll. Pisgah Works, you make life more interesting. Swiftwick, your socks are wicky, wicky, rad. Suspension Experts for keeping us smooth like butter. Endless bikes for making me step it up with an eighteen. And to all our friends and family who make Asheville and the mountain bike scene a kick ass place to be.

Nothing but love.

Jut Rut

Monday, April 6, 2009

Another one in the books..

What a week. On Tuesday I was a part of a Bent Creek rescue operation. Friday I had one of the best street sessions since moving to Asheville, hitting the Monford Gap, Skate Park and the new Bev Hanks Gap. On Saturday I hit Clemson for my first downhill race. Sunday was a beautiful 4 hour ride in Pisgah. Too much fun and too little time for details but needless to say it was action packed. I need more hours in the day to keep up with this blog and adequately document some of what's going on in my world. To sum up hours worth of typing I will say..

Bent Creek can hurt you and the skyland rescue crew is your friend. Riding street with your crew is so rewarding and adrenaline is by far my favorite drug. Speaking of adrenaline, I think I may be getting addicted to downhill riding. Sunshine, 70 degrees and perfect Pisgah Singletrack makes for a great day.

Brad O took some great photos of the race. I finished 7th out of 37 in the sport class. Not bad for my first DH race but I gotta lay of the freaking brakes and grow some before the Beech Mountain series kicks off this summer. But for now I am planning on building some big wood kickers for Gearheads and getting comfortable in the air again. BMX is in my blood and like an addict you never really get over it. I suppressed my deep urges for years and even got comfortable in spandex from 2001-2004 but certain things have been coming to the surface since moving to the mountains where speed and bigger hits seem to be the norm.

I still plan on racing PNBAR, SSUSA, and SSWC09. The Brew Crew will be at all the local events pushing our wears and pouring good beers, however, I intend to mix it up this year with a few DH races and alot more time in the streets. It's been too long since I focused more on flow then fitness. I have realized my lifestyle conflicts with a training regimen so why not give into to my passion for style verses telling myself i love the puke feeling I get 30 minutes into a cross country race.

Enough for now.. got to get back to work. Filling 100,000 sq ft of space and throwing 10 events in one weekend just don't happen with out a little work.

Go with the flow.

jut rut