Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On the Road Again

Today it's back on the road heading to D.S.&G. It's been too much fun here to sit down and blog lately and honestly my memory is a little foggy. I do remember some pro single speed riders at the crow's nest, good parties, nurses on handle bars, lots of single track and stunts in the woods. My training for DS&G has not gone so well, unless they have a drinking portion of the race, please have a drinking portion... Well, I intend to kill it on Friday at the single speed thingy and enjoy 12 hours of casual bike riding intermingled with cold pints of pale ale on Saturday. After all we are the ambassadors of fun right?

A big shout out to all my Asheville Crew who will spend Saturday traversing the outer reaches of Pisgah and they are calling for rain just to make things interesting. Sucks I can't be in two places at once but oh well.

For those about to rock, we salute you...


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life in fast lane...

What a week. I feel like it has been a month. The house computer is down, it's a killer day to ride and so much has happened in the last week that I' just going to sum it up while I sit here killing a few minutes at the office.

Dad is doing great and still plans to head to Jazz Fest in New Orleans next weekend after breaking his neck and having surgery two weeks ago today. Pretty damn amazing he is moving well much less going down to one huge party to see some music. Like father, like son...

Nashville was almost too much. Good music, great friends and I was as happy to see everyone as I was to escape back to the mountains.

Hit Chattanooga, Jamie's was great, kicked it with Ben Thornton (the rev) and his buddy Dave. Good times and giant calzones.

The Sourmash Lodge was a party! The guest list was off the hook and we made the most of the hot tub, Makers Mark, two kegs of Yazoo.

The race was great until I popped a hole in the side wall of a tubeless tire. Lost the leader and basically threw in the towel and skipped the 30 miles of fireroad for more single track and a cold beer and hot tub action.

Rode Tsali ninja style with Pisgah Bruce on the way back home to Asheville. That place was fast and it felt like I was back doing hot laps at lock 4. In other words, easy...

Hooked up with DJ Bitch on Monday for a spin around Asheville. Cold beers on the porch and then a visit to West Ashe for a night cap with Ty.

Killer ride at Bent Creek with DJ on Tuesday. Hit all the favorites with speed and ample air. 72 degrees and sunny day with Spring hitting the mountains. What more could you want out of life?

That is the past week in less than 500 words. It's off to hit jumps, latter bridges and stunts with DJ and Sam Kerber this afternoon on some new trail.

Life is good. It's time to go outside and play.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life is one crazy ride...

I am heading back to Nashville tomorrow and a wave of emotion awaits... I am coming home sooner than expected to see my Dad tomorrow. He like my brother and I has had several "accidents" as we shall call them since I have known him. Well, before I break the news let me say he is ok and recovering well. Wednesday night my dad was downtown at riverfront park in Nashville. As he was looking up at blooming trees he took a step back expecting to find a guard rail behind him and instead fell about 8 feet to ground landing on his neck and breaking it. I think it was his T-1 that broke but after 2 hours of surgery and a few pins in his neck yesterday the report is in and he is all good. He will be out of the hospital tonight and heading home with out even a brace on his neck. Medical science sure has come along way. Break your neck and two days later you're back out there. The Doc's said he should be back to full swing in 6-8 weeks and that he should take it easy until then. He is a pretty tough dude to say the least. He actually waited twenty four hours before even going to the hospital and was trying to play it off like everything was ok and was treating a broken neck with motrin. It wasn't till his better half talked him into a visit to the ER that he realized it was a little more serious than he thought. Get well soon dad, you rock...

Tomorrow is also a big day for me as I will be officially single. Wow, never thought it would happen and I would be typing these words but as I have learned people change in life and sometimes it's better to let them go then hold them back from what they want or need. I haven't changed a lot over the past few years. I'm still all about the bikes, boards and avoiding the bummer life, I think this a good thing but not everyone would agree with me. Don't know if there is much hope for me unless there are women out there looking a guy that can show them a good time, bring home good coin now and then and doesn't get lonely while I am out riding the trails, personally I think there are probably a number of them that would be cool with that or even better get out on the trails with me. Lot's of exciting times await but it is sad when things don't work out.

The week ahead will truly be a yen and yang type of week. The two emotional downers will hopefully be balanced with smiles on the faces of friends that I have not seen in two months or more. Good times to be had on Tuesday of course at the Raconteurs show. Thursday I will be back on the road and heading south to hook up with Pillsbury and sneak into the woods for some quiet time in Ducktown before the crew shows up for the party on Friday night at the Sourmash Lodge. A 65 mile mtn bike race an Saturday should exemplify the fact that life is both a pleasurable and painful experience if you are really living it. Much like a bike race, in life the pain we feel is only temporary and to use the analogy of an endurance race there is hopefully a cold beer and friends waiting for you at the finish line. Can't know pleasure unless you know pain. Maybe one day I will be enlightened and escape the whole cycle but for now I will just hang on and ride it out.

All the best people. I leave you with this...

1. Don't wish for perfect health. In perfect health, there is greed and wanting. So an ancient said, " Make good medicine from the suffering of sickness."

2. Don't hope for life without problems. An easy life results in a judgmental and lazy ind. So an ancient once said, "Accept the anxieties and difficulties of this life".

3. Don't expect your practice to be clear of obstacles. Without hindrances the mind that seeks enlightenment may be burnt out. So an ancient once said, "Attain deliverance in disturbances".

Zen Master Kyong Ho [ 1849-1912], in Thousand Peaks


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Days...

Lots of riding, very little work. Life is good, until I go broke. Hit Dupont on Sunday with Benet. Went end to end and checked out the hand cut single track and found a new favorite trail, Rocky Ridge. Covered lots of ground and ended up spending about 4.5 hours pedaling around and barely managed to keep from getting swept down some falls with the river running higher than I have ever seen it and the bedrock underneath my feet extra slippery.
Yesterday, it was off to Pisgah for 3 hours of soul riding with Matt J. Amazing trails and only saw one person the whole afternoon. Damn I love Pisgah! Matt brought a newbie along and she kicked ass. Her name is Daisy and she took to the trail like a seasoned pro even though it was only her second ride. Great climbs, descents, rocks, rivers, and beaver dams, wow.

It is gorgeous outside today. Spring is here and it's too nice nice to sit here and type. All the best boys and girls. Go play outside...


Friday, April 4, 2008

Have your tickets ready and fasten your seat belts

Jut's coming home baby... Just got word that I have a ticket waiting for me for the second nights show of The Raconteurs CD release at the Mercy Lounge. Tickets were gone in 6 minutes for both nights and my brother from another mother, partner in crime and yazoo's very own Chris Ivory just made my fucking week. After posting the Raconteurs video last week I hit the record store downtown and picked up a copy of Consolers of the Lonely. The albums rocks and if you like to rock like I do, pick up a copy and thank me later.

10 days till one killer show and hooking up with the Nashville Crew. It's been over two months since I was in the land of rhinestones and although I have been trying to convince myself otherwise, I miss Nashvegas. Asheville has been good to me and although I have had plenty to keep me busy there are moments were I crave the ole familiar good feelings that comes with knowing tons of people in my old hood, my crew and things like pump track Wednesday and Tuesday nights on the polo court. Get ready for a few days of debauchery just in time to ruin my form before Cohutta. Looks like I will hit town on the 14th and most likely couch surf till it's time to head south for cohutta on Thursday or Friday. Speaking of Cohutta I have a pretty sweet place to live on Friday and Saturday. Looks like the Lodge at Sourmash Ridge (I couldn't have made that up) will be Yazoo Team Headquarters for a weekend. Get those bottles of Jack Daniels ready boys we're gonna set this one on fire... I just booked the lodge and it looks like it will be filled with the likes of soul craft rider and all around badass single speed dude Ben Thornton and his Texas Trio. Coming in from the cold we have the Ohio Boys; Rob and Chip who came down to N. GA for the Snake and kicked some serious locals asses and are were all so cool that we love them in spite of it all. From my new home of Asheville NC, we have the one and only Pisgah Bruce and fresh young Jedi in training David Bishop who is allowed to stay in the lodge now that he just turned 21 (happy b-day bishop). Chattanooga's wonderboy Brook Landers will be in the house along with "I can't believe he still has his bike" Jason. Nashville's finest Ivory, Thad, Mike will be there in black making sure that all the ladies have cold beers and directions to Sourmash Ridge waiting for them at the finish line. By my count that's eleven before you start counting the girls that should be showing up. Ladies, the champagne is chilling and if your raced the foot rubs are free come hot tub time. When life rocks, turn up the fuckin volume... Salute your Solution

Jut Rut