Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Now With Fur...

So far this weekend I have worked in two good urban rides. Monday night Bruce and I ventured into West Asheville for pints with Ty. We "crossed over river" as the boys back home would say. Downtown where I live has had plenty of new watering holes to keep my busy but in the spirit of exploration we ventured out to the new hip spot in Asheville. West Asheville has more good bike shops, restaurants and bars. Hit the Westville Pub for pints and had a great ride out there and back home. It's cool having different lines to play with in a new city. For me the streets are Asheville are a lot like unexplored trails with a new root (parking curb) , waterbar (curb cuts), log rides (ledges) around every corner. We had an exciting ride and I have found that the topography of this town lends itself to some nice urban features for bikes. Tuesday I was back out in the streets exploring neighborhoods in the Monford Neighborhood and several other areas West of town. Put in about two hours climbing hills and looking for the next sweet jump. Found a great one today on the route heading home from Downtown, pics to come soon. Well, this is what happens went you add a growler of Yazoo Pale Ale and 6 bucks in fur. John Blaze had inspired me months ago to "fur out" my ride one day and when I called him on Monday night only to catch him at gate practice I decided it had to be done. Tuesday was pretty laid back so I went by the local fabric store to find that fur was 50% off (it was meant to be) so I put down my 5 bucks and left with enough fur to trick out the rigid fork I will be running at the nighttime downhill race this weekend. Had some left over so now I also have a trick new top tube pad and stem pad. Yea, I'll be the idiot on the furry Sycip with speakers strapped to his bike and if you hear Wolfmother coming down the hill this weekend, you better move over.

On another note. Meet with Jack Bebber this morning with Ecohouse and EcoBuilders. Great guy and a good crew of like minded people in Real Estate. It looks like Ecohouse will most likely be the new home for my NC Real Estate License and I couldn't be happier about it. We hit North Asheville and checked out just a few of the homes he is working on or has recently finished and seeing what is happening with green urban infill homes lifts my spirits and gives me some hope for the future of American Society. It all has to start somewhere, now go ride a bike.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll

Well I am back in Asheville as of Saturday. Went back to Nashville to close on my house and kick it with the boys and girls of the Yazoo Crew. All went well, the week rocked and my liver needs a break. By selling the house the chains have been cut and I am only waiting for my release (aka divorce) papers and I am a completely free man.

Came back to a party in Asheville on Saturday. Good people, good beer, lots of music and buck dancing in the kitchen. Kinda makes me miss Those Darlins, although after hanging with the ladies Thursday night I think they are bad for my health. But as with most things in life, the bad stuff is what makes life more fun so what the hell, more whiskey please.

Sunday I needed to ride and sweat out some poison so a call from Bruce later we were off to Bent Creek. I had an easy ride in mind since I have not been on a bike for a week and my training has involved lifting pint glasses. Bruce however, had different plans so we took off on a ride that would both lift my spirits and crush my legs. The trails at Bent Creek were muddy so we rode fireroads up to the Blue Ridge Parkway crossing ice and snow sections along the way. For anyone who has never ridden in iced over snow pack let me tell you that mud and sand are both preferable to crunchy 5-6 inch snow. So we biked and hiked up a few miles before beginning a fast decent down snow covered trails with rocks poking through the top of the snow pack. Three hours into the ride we found ourselves miles and miles away from anyone and hanging somewhere in Pisgah Forest. We started back towards the cars riding dry and snow covered singletrack for another two hours. Drinks and great food at Papas and Beer and the day was a success. Probably covered close to 35-40 miles and no telling what kind of elevation but I know it was a lot. I have the Icecycle on Saturday so bring on the worst conditions possible, it can't hurt any worse than the ride I did yesterday.

As if yesterday's ride was not bassass enough for one day. Ty and I decided to hit some breakfast before the ride. We hit a spot or two both were closed on Sunday. We hit the C-Barrel and post-pancacks I ran into the owner of EcoBuilders and EcoHouse Realty, Jack Bebber, who by a crazy turn of events was introduced to me by my roommate Ty. Ty use to pick music with Jack and unaware that Jack was doing the Real Estate thing. As they were catching up Jack mentions he is doing real estate, Ty says that's funny my roommate just moved from Nashville to do that. Jack then asked, is your roommates name Justin, because I am meeting with him on Tuesday... So I come over and meet Jack face to face we talk about music and green building my two of my favorite things in life. He fills me in on a few things that he is working on and let me tell you Asheville is about to see some amazing green home projects taking place and Jack seems ready to help me get things off to a great start. Also turns out that he and his wife are big Mountain Bikers. So, once again it looks like the Asheville thing is meant to be.
Asheville rocks. See ya.

Monday, January 21, 2008

wwjd. what would jut do.

New town, new blog. First an update for those of you just getting in on the fun. I am Jut, aka Justin. I just moved to Asheville, NC. I ride and race mountain bikes. I have a dog and live in a house with Ty. I have recently become single and live a life of bikes, music and a new an exciting social scene. Now that you know me...

I have been in Asheville for two weeks. It's been cold. So I have not been riding as much as I should. I need better gear and I think I left some stuff at the old place in Nashville. With no job I can't shell out money I don't have for something I might still have and I will be back in Nashville tomorrow. For the past week I had to do something I hate and pull out the rollers just to get my sweat on. Spring will be here before I know it and I want to hit the trails feeling good come Spring.

So you may ask what have I been doing with no job and no real riding. Well, I have been training for the sswc08 in my own way. Last week I was asked to be assistant art director for a photo shoot involving two models and lots of cool t-shirts. It required that I keep the white russians coming and hold a fan under the models to give them the wind effect. I have a very rough life.