Thursday, May 21, 2009

My cloud has platinum lining...

Yes, in these rough waters we all need stuff to look forward to. And for those of you looking for something to get excited about, consider me your new savior. Now, you may think that statement is a little over the top but I know something you don't.


If you're not, you better get down on your knees and pray to the mountain bike Gods for the skills, liver and legs you will need to make it through a weekend that will test every aspect of what people do on big wheel bikes these days. Just so you know how to prepare for such a feat I suggest putting in long miles, riding pump tracks in the dark, hitting dirt jumps, riding logs, bunny hopping everything in sight, practice your wheelies, going down the steepest rockiest trail you can find at speed then climbing the longest steepest hill you can find, and you probably want to know how to swim too. On top of all that, you need to practice doing all of that with little to no sleep with a six pack buzz. Pisgah Brewing will be supplying the refreshments all weekend long so you stay properly hydrated and loose. If you were at last years event then you have an idea of what to expect but know that we have a few new challenges up our sleeve to keep it freshhhh. if you were at the event last year, check your email and hit me back. If you've heard the stories and think you have what it takes to for go for the title of M.B.A.M.B.W (Most Bad Ass Mountain Biker in the World) then track me down and get the details. It's capped at 25 riders to keep it tight so you better let me know. Get ready to jump off..


jut rut

Monday, May 18, 2009

Alright the vacation is over.

I have been on vacation. No blogging, very little riding, even less working. Well, all things come to an end so it's back to work in every aspect of what Jut Rut does. I got a for a few good rides last week, showed property and started working on a new listing that will hit W. Asheville soon. I will say that now that the drought is officially over it can stop raining now.. I am heading to some do some ridge riding this afternoon and hopefully it's not too wet out there.

In the OTHER NEWS category.. This years Enduro is just a few short weeks away. The plans have been made and we will once again test 30 souls and find out who is the M.B.A.M.B.W. (Most Bass Ass Mountain Biker in the World) Two days, 15 events, two kegs, two bikes, and countless good times. Details on how to sign up are coming by the end of the week so stay tuned as Jut is back to win so tell your friends.


The current MBAMBW title holder.. JUt to the RUT

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Still playing catch up...

Wooh. Gearheads was fun. I spent quite a bit of money to have dirt jumps and a bad ass track built in a 65,000 sq ft arena and invite all my friends but hey, you only live once.

To all the peeps and sponsors who came out to play and sell some stuff I hope you enjoyed it. It will happen again only we are going to do it a little differently. As most of you know I would love to see some more cool events happening in this town and if have my way Gearheads will improve with age like a fine wine, and I am truly grateful for the companies and individuals who came out to test my first batch.

After only getting a few hours of sleep over the course of several days and taking three weeks off the bike due to working like a madman and destroying my knees on Laurel Mtn Trail it was time to come off the couch and race PMBAR. I was a little worried that my girl would rip my legs off somewhere deep in Pisgah but the race ran smooth and we had a great time. I have no idea how we finished but I am willing to bet that our route offered more single track and fun lines than anyone in the top ten. If you are racing PMBAR then gravel roads are the way to go. If you are enjoying PMBAR, then you do the whole Black Mtn trail twice, make decisions based on what would be the FUN way to go and stop and enjoy some creek time and overlooks. I know we could do that any day of the week but riding 65 miles and climbing around 14,000 ft in elevation is something you rarely do "just because".

With Gearheads and PMBAR behind me I can now focus on getting back to my Real Estate Business. Spring is bringing out some buyers and sellers along with the spring flowers and I looking forward to doing something I am familiar with rather than creating from scratch like Gearheads. As for riding, I plan on one week off the bike before starting to train for this years enduro and by training for the enduro I mean, drinking, riding anything and everything I can think of, and building up an enduro bike worthy of hanging on to my title of MBAMBW. The Enduro will take place on June 13-14 so mark it down on your calendars and get ready to both suffer and smile.

That's all for now, I have work to do..