Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow what..

You can't stop the Holidaze from coming. Snow or no snow, it's on at the moment. If it gets absolutely insane we'll just have a party and ride snowboards in the streets. There is a keg of Pisgah Pale Ale on my front porch and it's snowing like crazy so whatever happens it's going to be a fun weekend. See you at Fuddruckers at 1:00 on Sunday, we roll out at 1:15.

Jut Rut

p.s. If anyone is planning a trip to Boone tomorrow holla.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Back to Business.. of enjoying life.

The last two weeks I have felt as if I was on a roller coaster. I've been going up and down on a ride would not stop. Well, life happens and as a friend said recently all you can do is "roll with it".. That's good advice from a bike perspective and let it roll I did. Emotions have come and gone and I feel much better having let it all run it's course.

Work has been going great, between listing amazing homes and working with great buyers, my etsy site completely blowing up and my new job as a location scout for photo shoots it looks like the rent will be covered for a little while.

After resting the legs and the mind for two weeks I am once again hungry to get out and hit the trails.

Life is good and as I said in the last blog update Jut Rut always comes back strong. And, much like a cat, no matter how far I may fall I usually land on my feet. Oh, speaking of Cats..

Get your Santa suit and a bicycle and get ready to get down.. The Brew Crew is at it again with some Xmas Flavor.. get ready for the 2nd Annual Holidaze Alleycat and Scavenger Hunt. This years event will take place on Sunday December 20th at 1:00 pm.

If you're not sure what an Alleycal Scavenger Hunt involves, here is link to last years race. It was one amazing freaking event.

Same rules apply as last year.. But teams must stay together (Bonnie and Tavis).

You need to bring the following.

A bicycle and light.

A messenger bag or backpack.

Bike Lock.

Pen and paper.

Digital Camera or camera phone.

A few bucks for drinks along the way, if you choose.

A map of the city might help if you don’t know your way around very well.

A cell phone.

5 cans of food for donation.

The event will take place in the downtown Asheville Area on Sunday December 20th 2009. Prizes of all types will be awarded for a variety of accomplishments.

More info to come next week.

It will be family friendly as long as your kids are cool and there will of course there will be a party at the finish with a keg of Pisgah Pale Ale to quench your thirst.

The start location will be announced in the next few days so pay attention.

Can't wait to see ya!

Jut Rut and Crew