Monday, October 20, 2008

Double Dare. Done...

Double Dare is done. Pisgah Bruce and I spent the last two days riding over a 100 miles of Pisgah singletrack and climbing over 20,000 ft in the course of 20 hours on single speeds. We didn't make the podium but defiantly made up for it in style points (see pics). Considering this was my first Eric Wever event and my longest two days of riding in Pisgah done back to back I must say we did pretty good overall. By the time the weekend came to a close we hit 14 checkpoints and got both the bonus 1/2 point challenges that involed three things that we trained for daily on out tipe out west, BB Guns, Slingshots, and drinking beer. We covered some ground and finished with 15 checkpoints total however it was not enough to take out the studs that pulled off 1st, way to go Brad and Matt.

For me, it's not so much about winning this race as it is just riding your bike for longer than you would normally and taking routes you would never consider on a normal day in the woods. The race takes you "out there" both literally and figuratively and during the 20 hours on the bike I got to see parts of Pisgah the I not seen in a long time that brought back great memories and parts that I had never seen before. The Fall colors were awesome and I got to see it all on a bicycle! I couldn't have asked for anything more and the keg of Pisgah Pale Ale was a wonderful prize for everyone that made it back to camp each day. A big thanks to my sponsor for the killer beer and a shout out to Pisgah Bruce who took me on as his partner in such an awesome event. He called out a big day two when I could have happily called it a day after the 20 mile / 5,000 ft climb just to get your passport and start the race. I defiantly found the next level of mountain bike racing and think I will be happy hanging out here for a while.

To get into any kind of race report seems like too much work for now. So, I will just say that Eric and his crew of volunteers know how to throw a killer event. And, that I had a great time at your party.



PisgahWorks said...

Hey Johnny,

How's it feel to get Pisgah Worked Over????

Anonymous said...

Hey Jut,
Can you email me the pic you once had at the top of your blog making the jump near the state capitol in Nashville?

Thanks !